H.A.B.U. Leadership Development Training, LLC




Leadership/Diversity Training

Customized training tailored for your organization's needs.

As an independent consultant and trainer Stephon is  an exceptional communicator that has an uncanny ability to make immediate emotional and mental connections with his audience. HABU Leadership Development Training,LLC is based in Melbourne Fl. 


Keynote Speaker

Transformational Leadership, Diversity, Personal Development & Emotional​ Intelligence

Stephon is the President of H.A.B.U. (Having A Better Understanding) Leadership Development Training, LLC. 

    Why hire stephon?

  • He's a Charismatic Presenter           
  • Delivers empowering and impactful presentations that leaves the audience wanting more
  • Creates an interactive and engaging environment for learning  
  • Customizes training and speaking material for the event
  • Possesses a host of leadership experience and proven strategies that work
  • Flexible and willing to work within the organization's limits
  • Passionate about Leadership and Personal Growth


Stephon creates an entertaining and educational environment

that delivers proven leadership strategies that work while keeping the audience involved. 

"Stephon is a rarity in that he was able to create such an inclusive and unbelievably safe environment for each and every one of our Human Resource Advisor's (HRA's) and allowed for such a deep level of understanding of one's self and an enhanced awareness of the similarities and differences in others' leadership styles and preferences". ​Kristin Von Eschen, Owner/Manager at Von Eschen Properties, L.L.C., HRA at MN ANG, & HR at Lifetouch N.S.S

Human Relations Training

Social skills training tailored for your organization's needs.