Looking for a different type of Leadership Training? You've found it at H.A.B.U. Leadership Development Training!

H.A.B.U. Leadership Development Training offers the following services:

Leadership Workshops

We will develop, customize, and implement training that focuses on developing the leadership capacity of individuals within organizations.

Leaders are not born, they are groomed. Many individuals that are in leadership positions lack a true understanding of the human dynamics of leadership. This in itself could and may cause a conflict of interest for businesses. Organizational success depends on the quality and strength of relationships between employees and their management, management and customers, and employees and their coworkers. Utilizing a structured process by which managers and supervisors enhance their skills, competencies, and knowledge through interactive learning methods, these workshops can prove beneficial to your organization's performance.

Team Training
Re-energize your team with these thought-provoking and engaging activities that encourage teamwork, critical thinking & problem-solving skills, effective communication, and stress management.

Human Relations Training

This aspect of training provides participants with important interpersonal skill sets, that enhance group relations and performance. This is sometimes called Social Intelligence training. Human Relations training has shown to improve employee relations & engagement, enhance organizational commitment, elicit improved performance & productivity, encourage professional development, reduce workplace conflict & complaints, lowers attrition rates, and maximize the effective utilization of your workforce.

Diversity Training
Relationships between employees and management are interdependent with organizational success. We all are a sum of our life experiences, generational differences, and social programming. Our beliefs, values, and attitudes influence how we interact with each other. We know that differences in groups and teams are the fodder for the greatest advancements and innovations. However, without proper training that provides awareness into the value of these differences, faulty communication, misguided leadership, interpersonal conflict, and more serious legal concerns could become costly and detrimental impediments to an organization’s success. Diversity training provides invaluable insight into the needed awareness and skill sets to maximize the effectiveness of your personnel.   

Training Topics

Employee Engagement                                     Conflict Management
Team Development                                           Unconscious Bias 
Leadership Development                                Understanding & Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Anti-Harassment & Bullying                           Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Effective Communication                                Emotional Intelligence


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